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 Jürgen Borisovich Volk (Germany)

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PostSubject: Jürgen Borisovich Volk (Germany)   Fri Feb 05, 2016 7:26 pm

Name: Jürgen Borisovich Volk

Birthday: -

Position: Captain, Third Year

Playstyle: -

Dominant Hand: Right

Personality: He seems to take the personality of a coach. He seems to know what is the best for others. Such as he was coaching Tezuka's positions and playstyle. At the end of the match, he tells Tezuka to work on his stamina.

Likes: -

Hobby: -

Quote: 'Your attacks are too bland! You need to consistently outthink your opponent!!'

Other: Jürgen is the name of a real-life Austrian tennis player.
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Jürgen Borisovich Volk (Germany)
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