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 Mod introduction: UmiHoshi

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PostSubject: Mod introduction: UmiHoshi   Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:07 am

Hi everyone! I'm UmiHoshi. you may have seen me shuffle around on tumblr or deviantart and I'm really glad to be active on this forum aswell.
It was hard work, but I think it payed off fine in the end~

my absolute favorite thing of Prince of Tennis is the Perfect Pair ship. I live and breathe TezukaXFuji and will go down with it.
Aside from that, I also really like YushiGaku, NioYagyu, AtoHiyo, KohaYuu and SanaYuki.

Though Prince of Tennis is my absolute fave, I also like a lot of other anime series. I'm not much of a reader though, so I don't know a lot of manga or books.

I really love doing art and roleplaying.
If anyone feels like RPing perfect pair or any other ship, please hit me up! I'm currently lacking a partner~</3

I'll be running as mod for the site, but I'm still figuring a lot out myself aswell. so please be gentle on me =w=;;

My Anime List
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Perfect Pair Tumblr
Deviant Art
Prince of Tennis Art

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Mod introduction: UmiHoshi
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