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 Mukahi Gakuto

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PostSubject: Mukahi Gakuto   Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:05 pm

Name: Mukahi Gakuto

Birthday: September 12

Position: Regular, Third Year

Playstyle: Serve and Volley

Dominant Hand: Left

Personality: He is arrogant and takes pride in his acrobatics. Mukahi doesn't want to hold back Oshitari, which is the reason he trains his stamina. Mukahi can't keep still.

Likes: Deep Fried Chicken, Fermented Beans

Hobby: Bungee-Jumping, Collecting items like feathers

Quote: 'There will always be someone above you.'

Other: Whenever he has a fight with his father, he runs away and stays by Oshitari and on average, he runs away 7 times a month.

VA: Hoshi Soichiro
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Mukahi Gakuto
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