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 Yukimura Seiichi

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PostSubject: Yukimura Seiichi   Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:40 pm

Name: Yukimura Seiichi

Birthday: March 5

Position: Captain, Third Year

Playstyle: All Rounder

Dominant Hand: Right

Personality: Outside the court, Yukimura is a soft spoken and kind individual, if still proud and dignified. He also exhibits a calm, quiet and observant personality. He's rarely taken by surprise. However, once he steps inside the court he demonstrates strong willpower and a rather stern, brutally honest attitude.

Likes: Grilled Fish

Hobby: Gardening

Quote: -

Other: Oishi witnessed Yukimura sleep-walking past all of the infra-red lasers.

VA: Nagai Sachiko
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Yukimura Seiichi
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