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 Zaizen Hikaru

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PostSubject: Zaizen Hikaru   Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:33 pm

Name: Zaizen Hikaru

Birthday: July 20

Position: Regular, Second Year

Playstyle: All Rounder

Dominant Hand: Left

Personality: Zaizen is rather disrespectful, calling Kawamura Takashi as Seigaku's extra baggage and insulting Chitose Senri after his loss to Kunimitsu Tezuka. Despite this, Zaizen remains to call each of his members (apart from Kintarou Tooyama) 'senpai', acknowledging their seniority.

Likes: Shiratama zenzai

Hobby: Music Appreciation (western music)

Quote: -

Other: He changes the color of his earrings according to the day.

VA: Araki Hirofumi
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Zaizen Hikaru
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