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 Akazawa Yoshiro

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PostSubject: Akazawa Yoshiro   Fri Feb 05, 2016 12:24 pm

Name: Akazawa Yoshiro

Birthday: August 3

Position: Captain, Third Year

Playstyle: All Rounder

Dominant Hand: Right

Personality: Despite that he is the captain, he is never shown to have the control. He has quite the temper and also problems to cooperate with Kaneda, as he didn't want to give up his singels position. Though with just a single yell, he can get cool down. He is a good athlete and once he understood the differnce between doubles and singels, he could play with Kaneda. He is well-respected under his teammates and even Mizuki trusts him.

Likes: Baked Sweet Potato, Curry Rice

Hobby: Diving

Quote: 'Chance!'

Other: -

VA: Iwasaki Masami
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Akazawa Yoshiro
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