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 Hirakoba Rin

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PostSubject: Hirakoba Rin   Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:50 pm

Name: Hirakoba Rin

Birthday: March 3

Position: Regular, Third Year

Playstyle: -

Dominant Hand: Right

Personality: Hirakoba never allows anything to interrupt him in a tennis match he is enjoying.

Likes: Young oysters (strawberry), Mimi Sarada

Hobby: Shopping, Fishing with a harpoon

Quote: -

Other: Some of the Higa regulars dyed their hair so they could be as popular as fellow Kyushu players Tachibana Kippei and Chitose Senri which explains why in his 2nd year, Hirakoba had black hair yet he is now a blondie.

VA: Yoshino Hiroyuki
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Hirakoba Rin
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